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EPIC Assessment Center

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EPIC is a web-based platform for administering and managing online self assessment instruments and DiSC profiles to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. As an EPIC system administrator, you control access to all assessment reports. Administrators have complete access to view, print, store, and email reports on demand.

EPIC Account Set-up

EPIC: Electronic Profile Information Center:

  • Completely web-based; no software to install
  • One time set-up fee; no monthly charges or annual fees
  • Free technical support, Online Help, User Manual, and QuickStart Guide

With EPIC, you can:

  • Administer online assessments to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Receive notifications each time a respondent completes their assessment
  • Unlimited viewing, printing, and emailing assessment results/reports
  • Build group reports and facilitator reports for any respondent group, team or department
  • Control whether the respondent can view their report
  • Personalize assessment reports and online respondent welcome page with your company logo and contact information
  • Create your own storage folders for easy access at any time
  • Setup EPIC sub-accounts for individual departments or divisions, or cients

Assessment Instruments online

EPIC Credits

Credits is the term used to describe the currency used in the EPIC system to administer assessments. Usage credits for assessments range from 10, 15, 25, or 50 credits.

Once your EPIC account is setup, you can purchase/deposit credits into your account at anytime.

Self assessment profiles online

Assessment profiles and reports available through EPIC: