Self Leadership: Is It Time To Renew?

Over time leaders can lose their effectiveness if they don't renew and enhance their skills.  What we did and how we did things in the past may have yielded good results then, but maintaining the same flight plan won't necessarily get us to where we need to go in the future. Leaders have to be continuous learners to an unprecedented degree.  We must have a high commitment to self-improvement and engage in an ongoing process of expanding and fine-tuning our capabilities.  When we focus on our personal development, treating mistakes and shortcomings as opportunities for improvement, we create environments where … Continue reading

DiSC Assessments: What is DiSC and How Do I Choose?

DiSC Assessments

If your new to DiSC, you probably already discovered that there are different types of DiSC assessments. Perhaps now you're having trouble deciding whether a DiSC assessment will fit your need, and if so, which one to use?  If these are your questions, then this post will help.  If, however, you're looking for background information about the DiSC model, then I'd suggest a detour there first.

Getting Started with a DiSC Assessment

Let's start with a brief and broad orientation to DiSC assessments and then move into the specifics. Organizations use DiSC assessments for a variety of purposes, including talent development, coaching, and training … Continue reading

Succession Planning: What are your Future Leadership Needs?

Succession Planning: What are your Future Leadership Needs?

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with an executive team of a large non-profit, to design a process for succession planning and leadership development. This is an organization that has its eye on the future. They wanted to go beyond generating simple replacement lists and instead, take a closer look at defining the type of leadership they will need going forward. Naturally, this led to looking at their strategic goals, business plans, and shifts they expect to make over the next three to five years. Below is an outline of a 5-step process that we used. The questions guided our discussions, and we created worksheets to capture the answers. Continue reading