5 “Make-it-or-Break-It” Characteristics of a Great Team

We know the looks of high-performance teams by the remarkable results they produce and the high levels of satisfaction that is experienced by its members.  But, how many of us know the recipe for cooking up such team?  It’s a simple formula to understand, and like most recipes, the steps are progressive—blending and building on the previous step.  The first step of the process is to check on your ingredients and get a valid measure of how your team is currently performing and where it needs to improve.

How does your team stack up to these measures?

  • Trust.  A measure of team members’ willingness to be vulnerable with one another, and the confidence that their peers’ intentions are good and that there is no reason to be protective or careful around the team.
  • Conflict. A measure of the team’s ability to engage in productive conflict—in other words, conflict that is focused on concepts and ideas and avoids mean-spirited, personal attacks.
  • Commitment.  A measure of the team’s clarity around decisions, as well as its ability to move forward with complete buy-in from every member of the team, even those who initially disagreed with the decision.
  • Accountability. A measure of team members’ willingness to call their peers on performance or behaviors that might hurt the team.
  • Results. A measure of the team’s focus on achieving collective results which includes both financial and broadly related outcome-based performance measures.

Is your team ready to take the assessment?

Tom Sullivan, MPA, Organizational Development Consultant, ProGrowth Associates LLC
Proven Assessments & Learning Solutions for a More Engaged Workforce


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