Best Bosses: A Case of Emotional Economics

Whether it is a passion for people, data, achievement, or status, everyone wants to be satisfied emotionally.  I know it’s a concept that doesn't make for a spellbinding tale, but let’s face it, being a great manager nowadays requires a bit more modesty as it does boldness.

It’s a simple truth that emotion drives our most productive and satisfied employees.  It’s true for teams and departments, and the latest claim is that it can affect the economy of an entire organization.  It’s what stretches us to set and achieve our highest-level goals.  It regulates how hard we … Continue reading

Work Style Assessment Helps Bridge Differences

Partnerships that Work

High levels of communication, cooperation, and teamwork are all by-products of partnerships that work. Relationships are important; we know this. But, have you ever wondered why working with some people is easier for us than with others? With some, we work seamlessly together without a hitch, and it’s mutually productive and satisfying. With others, we try to collaborate but our differences get in the way and set us apart. It’s a drain. How can we bridge our differences and work more effectively with one another—especially when decisions need to be made, when problems need to be solved, … Continue reading

DiSC Assessments: What is DiSC and How Do I Choose?

DiSC Assessments

If your new to DiSC, you probably already discovered that there are different types of DiSC assessments. Perhaps now you're having trouble deciding whether a DiSC assessment will fit your need, and if so, which one to use?  If these are your questions, then this post will help.  If, however, you're looking for background information about the DiSC model, then I'd suggest a detour there first.

Getting Started with a DiSC Assessment

Let's start with a brief and broad orientation to DiSC assessments and then move into the specifics. Organizations use DiSC assessments for a variety of purposes, including talent development, coaching, and training … Continue reading