DiSC Classic Facilitation System

DiSC Classic Facilitation System

DiSC Classic Facilitation System

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The DiSC Classic Facilitation System is an all-in-one training toolkit that provides everything you need to administer and facilitate DiSC Classic and DiSC PPSS profiles in a classroom setting. Effective solutions are at your fingertips with ready-to-use Course Outlines, including Workplace Communication, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Increasing Sales, Interpersonal Management, Management, and Team building.  Scripted “Insight” modules help you create customized programs, including more than 20 experiential learning activities, plus alternative activities to help you tailor sessions to fit your audience.

Media-rich presentation materials include 60+ minutes of video, 250+ customizable PowerPoint slides with embedded video, and support handouts.  The integrated video can be used as-is, stand-alone, or in your own custom programs.

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Total Portability: Facilitation, video, presentation, handouts, templates and tools are delivered on a USB drive.
Compatibility: Version 3.0 (Q-593) supports Microsoft Office 2003-2007. Version 3.5 (Q-593) supports Microsoft 2010+ and Mac 2008+.

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