Best Bosses: A Case of Emotional Economics

Whether it is a passion for people, data, achievement, or status, everyone wants to be satisfied emotionally.  I know it’s a concept that doesn't make for a spellbinding tale, but let’s face it, being a great manager nowadays requires a bit more modesty as it does boldness.

It’s a simple truth that emotion drives our most productive and satisfied employees.  It’s true for teams and departments, and the latest claim is that it can affect the economy of an entire organization.  It’s what stretches us to set and achieve our highest-level goals.  It regulates how hard we … Continue reading

3 Leadership Lessons from the Boston Marathon

More than 36,000 people participated in the 2014 Boston Marathon, making it the second-highest number of runners in the marathon’s history. This year’s race, however, had less to do with winning or competition; it became a “national symbol of resiliency and determination to take back the finish line”, as CNN’s Ashley Fantz phrased it.

Leadership has many faces, times and places. These are the leadership lessons that stand out for me as I reflect upon this year’s marathon.

Leadership Lesson #1: People Need Purpose and Enthusiasm to Reach Their Goals

People rally when … Continue reading

Conquering Procrastination —a critical time management skill

Shorter deadlines, competing priorities, countless meetings, and spur-of-the-moment interruptions are some of the challenges facing leaders today.  Without an internal drive for accomplishment, some of us are especially pressed to get things done.  For many, the culprit is procrastination!  It afflicts us all.  More projects go unfinished and more time is squandered by procrastination than by any other single factor.  Let’s face it, it is a harmful and costly habit.  It’s doing less important tasks or activities rather than higher priority ones.  Its straightening our desk when we should be working on that report; watching TV when we should … Continue reading

Self Leadership: Is It Time To Renew?

Over time leaders can lose their effectiveness if they don't renew and enhance their skills.  What we did and how we did things in the past may have yielded good results then, but maintaining the same flight plan won't necessarily get us to where we need to go in the future. Leaders have to be continuous learners to an unprecedented degree.  We must have a high commitment to self-improvement and engage in an ongoing process of expanding and fine-tuning our capabilities.  When we focus on our personal development, treating mistakes and shortcomings as opportunities for improvement, we create environments where … Continue reading